SEO Hero: International SEO competition organized by Wix

seo hero wix

Tired of the perennial criticism regarding the ability of his CMS to rank, Wix decided to organize a huge international SEO contest in Wix mode against The Rest of the World. The challenge? Nothing less than $ 50,000. Cash.

One keyword for all departments: SEO Hero

Wix therefore decided to play classic, with a well-known SEO contest mode: a common common word and known to all, a predetermined competition duration, and roll youth. What is it that this unique contest will tell you? Without a doubt, its huge cash prize of $ 50,000! Such an award attracts the best SEOs from around the world and is a real opportunity for the whole business: You can enter the contest and test your postulates. One can follow the evolution of the SERP and learn enormously.

In short, this can and should benefit EVERYONE, whether you are simple curious about SEO or professional.

Here are the most important rules of the Wix SEO contest:

- The term of the contest is SEO Hero
- The contest will run from November 16, 2016 to March 13, 2017
- You have until December 16, 2016 to register your participation
- It's an SEO contest on Google only
- A position statement will be made every day at 12:00 and 20:00
- The winner will be the one with the best average positioning over this period (Precision: The period runs from March 13 to March 15, 2017, so it's an average ranking over three days)
- In the event of a tie, a sudden death will be organized on March 16, 2017 at 12:00
- The winner will be announced 15 days after the end of the contest.
- Ervan Hurvitz will be the referee of this competition. It is the CEO of MRKT306 INC
- It is necessary to respect the guidelines of Google, the contest is therefore White Hat
- The field in competition must be purchased after 16/11/2016.
- You will need to give Google Analytics and Google Search Console access to the referee
- Local results will not be taken into account

Participants for the seo hero Contest: It is not even 2 weeks that the contest has started, and already very big nations announced their participation, like French, Germain and Canadian...

Conférence SEO Camp Montréal avril 2016

seo camp

After being involved in the local SEO community for the past couple of years, I can say that I've lately really enjoyed seeing some Montreal folks organizing the first SEO camp in the city. In fact, I've been waiting to see what company would take the lead and set up such an event... and at the end of the day it took our local chapter of the World Wide Web Consortium and few sponsors to work together and successfully present an entire day of SEO related presentations.

Even if the event looked very interesting I wasn't able to make it (mostly since I was under parental leave for the last 3 weeks I was staying at home with my girlfriend, my 2 years old and our newborn). So a big thank you to Christian Aubry (aka Ami Calmant) who had published online the conferences given at the latest Montreal SEO Camp held by W3Québec on April 11th, 2011.

From what I've seen so far on his YouTube channel, all conferences where given in French expect for the following: Google Analytics : the search for meaning by Augustin-Vazquez-Levi. Please have a look at Oggy's presentation since he's definitely of of our best SEOs in Montreal + he has a lot to share about analytics and SEO. Finally, you can also find some good daily recaps of the day here: in French from Ramenos & Kryzalid and in English from Adeo Internet Marketing.

The Art of Marketing Conference Montreal

art of marketing

Still don't know why I haven't croped the Dynamics part of the conference logo, might be because MSFT is a client of ours, might be because I was too lazy... Anyhow, few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend this conference as a blogger and to be honest with you, the speakers line up looked too interesting to not go.

Yes, I've already seen most of the speakers and even got the opportunity to have diner with most of them but still it's a great line up so I thought it was worth a day off to see if they're still presenting the same talks that they used to a year ago what new they have to talk about.
First of this incredible line up of speakers, Mitch Joel started the day with a solid presentation backed with very interesting numbers, quotes and stats. Having seen him couple of times in the past years (Infopresse events, Search Engine Strategies conferences, Webcom,...) I would say he  still delivers...

Following Joel, we had Avinash Kaushik and Seth Godin, both were  great as their reputations. Then I had to leave, guess that not paying for a ticket gives you the option to leave earlier, anyhow please read this following post as it gives a good summary of the whole day. I was looking for more recaps of the day but most of what I've found was promotion posts giving away free tickets. Please let me know if I've missed any of posts about the day.  Yeah one more thing, a conference without wi-fi in 2010... Seriously?

What has changed with SEO Montreal

I've been watching the rankings for Montreal SEO and SEO Montreal probably for the past couple of years. Something interesting that I've just noticed today (June 2010) is the news result between the 3rd and the 4th organic spot. The company promoted through that press release had published press releases 4 times in the past month.

While in 2007 all the SERPs were mainly owned by organic results, in 2008 we've started seeing Google maps results showing up. Today, it's very interesting to see how only releasing a couple of press releases  promoted through a mass media distribution site (included in Google News) can easily push your rankings up.

Montreal SEO

I wonder how long that tactic will work.

Update (Sept 11th 2010): While their press release result had vanished from the SERPs, the SEO company in question still ranks pretty well for Montreal SEO related terms.

Leaving Sales for Account Management

Got that from Andy Beal's blog few months ago. Found it really funny since at the same time I was leaving our sales department at NVI to focus on Marketing Account Management. While I used to be Director of Sales & Communications, I'm now Director of Accounts. Consequently, I'm involved in all of our client's internet marketing strategy. On a daily basis, I manage a kick-ass team of 7 Account Managers.

Where I've been?

Yeah I know, I was just not there during the last couple of months. I mean, I wasn't blogging, not updating most of my social profiles and was having a hard time keeping up to date with a lot of my RSS feeds.  So there are some random thoughts about different things that happened between July '09 and January 2010.

HostingCon 2009

August 2009: I was in Washington for the biggest hosting related conference. It was my first time there and I really enjoyed it.  Simon Rouillier, NVI's CMO was invited to present a Top Social Media Strategies conference so we took the opportunity to network with existing clients and connect with some prospects.

I quickly found out that the hosting industry is way more mature then nthe SEO/SEM industry: players have been there for more than 10 years and companies such as Microsoft, Parallels & other cloud hosting companies are investing tons of money to promote their products and  programs.

One session that I've particularly like during the 3-days conference was the one about the IPV6.  A little bit like everyone in the web, I already knew that IPv6 is the “next generation” protocol to replace the current version Internet Protocol IP Version 4 (“IPv4″) : we're currently lacking of IP adressess. I found very interesting to hear  the session' speaker preaching to hosting companies about the fact that they won't have any other choice but to offer IPV6 to their client base right away.

SMX East 2009

October 2009: It was in July when we've submitted a pitch to have our Analytics expert presenting at the Search Marketing Expo conference in New York. When the pitch got accepted we quickly decided to spend few days in New York for this event considered as one of the main of the SEO/SEM industry.

The show was good even if we all felt that the venue was more targeting agency people than corporations. Besides our analytics expert, Account Manager CT Moore was also giving a talk about Search Engine Marketing and Your Affiliate Program. Here's also a shot interview that I gave to WebmasterRadio about Analytics for Social Media.

SES Chicago 2009

Early December 2009: Chicago was cold and windy (what's new) when we landed there for the Search Engine Strategies event. We decided to try the Chicago SES show mainly based on the very good ROI that we got from the Toronto event back in June. Simon, Guillaume, Jonathan and myself were there to run the booth and to connect with everyone from the industry. While I've managed to met with a lot of interesting people during the three days of the conference, I didn't get the chance to visit the city at all, that's too bad since I received very good comments on how Chicago is supposed to be a great place to be.

From all the panels presented, my favorite one was definitely the PPC or SEO? The Ultimate Search Marketing Battle. Just by the fact that we had qualified people such as David Naylor, Rand Fishkin and Michael Grey interacting during that session, it really brought the debate to another level. I've taken notes while listening at that presentation so I might publish something on that in the future. Here again in Chicago , I've given an interview to WebmasterRadio plus another one to Byron Gordon from SEO-PR.

Le monde de Cossette et moi


C'est parfois incroyable de constater comme tout le monde connaît Cossette.

Il ne se passe pas une semaine sans que l'on me demande si j'ai un quelconque lien de parenté avec la compagnie. Vous devriez même voir la déception de certains qui, lors d'événements de réseautage (du genre ou l'on se promène avec un tag ”my name is” dans le cou) m'abordent en pensant entamer une discussion avec un employé de la plus grande boîte de com au pays. Hé non, à  part de partager le même nom de famille et de venir de Québec, il n'y a pas grand chose qui me lie avec le monde de Cossette, du moins pas au premier coup d'oeil.

J'écris ”au premier coup d'oeil” car dans un passé lointain (du genre en 1997) j'aspirais déjà à une brillante carrière en publicité – bien qu'à ce moment je ne connaissais pratiquement rien du métier sinon qu'il existait une boîte partageant le même nom que celui de mon père. C'est finalement suite à  des études en Sciences, Lettres et Arts et puis en administration des affaires (marketing) que je choisis un parcours plus près des ventes et du marketing que de la publicité et des communications.

Ce que je trouve aujourd'hui intéressant avec Cossette c'est que la société représente désormais le symbole d'une industrie. De fait, s'élevant désormais au rang de one of the largest marketing communications company in the world (as per Wikipedia), la boîte fait figure de géant qui comme le note Marie-Claude Ducas chez Infopresse, traverse, comme beaucoup d'agences, une zone de turbulences et qui à Montréal, a perdu au cours des derniers mois plusieurs gros comptes: une partie du mandat de Bell, celui de Molson, celui du Groupe Pages Jaunes. Sans compter que GM, un de leurs principaux clients, ne va pas particulièrement bien...

Dans un même ordre d'idées, Sophie Cousineau de La Presse ajoute que depuis qu'il a touché un sommet de 13,39$ en juin 2007, le titre de Cossette dégringole à la Bourse de Toronto. Il ne valait plus que 2,78$ le 20 mai dernier. Or, la récession, qui est sans pitié pour les contrats de publicité (pensez à General Motors), n'explique pas tout. Cossette a perdu d'importants mandats, notamment son contrat exclusif avec Bell Canada, qu'elle partage avec trois autres agences.

Ayant moi-même récemment travaillé avec Molson et McDonald's toujours dans le cadre de mandats n'étant pas octroyé à Cossette, je suis à même de constater que l'entreprise semble avoir du mal à saisir plusieurs opportunités notamment celles liées à l'interactif et au Web. Il sera donc particulièrement intéressant de suivre la présente bataille pour le contrôle de la compagnie.

A mon humble avis, l'industrie de la communication-marketing québécoise, tout droit issu impunément d'une relation inscestueuse, de par le nombre d'ex-Cossette travaillant maintenant chez la compétion ou encore chez le client, devrait se trouver d'une part vivement concernée par les événements et d'une autre part concertée par ce qui arrive à leur symbole, jadis fort et puissant.

5 Nifty PPC Tools

Acquisio Bid Management Software
A lot of the meat of the PPC job is bid management, making sure you are spending your money on the keywords you should be spending on (and not the others). Acquisions tool not only helps you identify strengths and weaknesses, but helps you make decisions. You can know, for example, what you need to change in one parameter to bring about the desired change in another parameter, given another parameter that is fixed. Nice little pay per click software.

Keyword Combination Tool
Looking to build combinations of keywords without a messing with concatenation and massive and error-filled find-and-replace jobs? This quick tool lets you dump in keyword components to build all combinations of phrases, with a short list of changeable parameters to let you use it as you need it. Nothing mind blowing, but it's quick, easy, and useful (and better than Excel).

Yahoo! Search Engine
Yahoo!'s actual search engine itself can sometimes be handy to find related keyword verticals that are somewhat tangential to the list you're working on. While some keyword tools are handy more for depth or breadth within a vertical, it's nice sometimes to get a looser semantic sense and see what kind of other areas you might be forgetting, that might be worth targeting.

Demographics Prediction Tool
Not an essential tool, but we are talking nifty, right? This tool lets you pop in a keyword and get some quick rough demographic expectations. While this tool can be useful beyond pay-per-click, it's handy to know for whom to target your ad text, and offers valuable information in deciding whether to bid on a particular keyword or not.

Ad Split Testing Tool
If you're looking to test and compare two different PPC ads, this tool can help you understand what's going well and what's not, as far as click through rate, what's needed for conversions, and more. It even lets you know once you've reached a minimum test sample size, and lets you calibrate your results based on the confidence you need in their accuracy.

Connect with me at SES Toronto 09


I'll be in Toronto for the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo on June 8th and 9th. Please feel free to connect with me if you are also attending the show.

Getting the best of Search Engine Strategies Toronto 2009
Since SES is the biggest Canadian show in our industry, we (NVI) are looking to grow our presence in order to position NVI as a leading Canadian internet marketing company. In addition to our CEO's (Guillaume) presentation on Canada-specific SEO + PPC Issues, Naoise Osborne (NVI's SEO Team Lead) will also be part of a panel covering site performance tuning and SEO. On the top of that, NVI is also investing in a booth as well as into the sponsorship of the event's official party. I'm looking forward to be in Toronto, hopefully I'll meet you there, see you at the show!

Lancement de la 2e saison de 3e mardi | 3rd Tuesday Montreal


L'annonce a été faite sur le blogue de l'événement: mardi soir prochain aura lieu le lancement de la seconde saison de 3e mardi | 3rd Tuesday Montreal. Au programme, nous aurons le plaisir de recevoir la désormais consacrée auteure-blogueure-conférencière Michelle Blanc qui (pour ce que je connais d'elle) se fera un malin plaisir à haranguer échanger sur un sujet d'actualité, soit les moyens privilégiés afin de sauver les journaux publications confinés à vivre avec les nombreux bouleversements qu'amène l'avènement des nouveaux médias.

Quelques pistes de réflexion afin d'optimiser le rendement des journaux
Dans ce même ordre d'idées, nous avons récemment collaboré chez NVI à une série d'article proposant des moyens et des réflexions pour l'industrie des journaux. Deux de nos articles, Can Improved Online Subscriptions Save Newspapers? écrit par Simon Abramovitch et Britney, Lindsay, and Recession; Why they increase Readership & Ad Revenue rédigé par Guillaume Bouchard, ont notamment été publié dans le Hollywood Today. On y souligne notamment l'opportunité pour les médias de profiter de leur version papier afin de promouvoir la version en ligne, et vice versa, l'article cite en exemple The Chicago Tribune qui s'acquitte avec brio de cette tache paraissant pourtant si simple. Il est également question de ne pas négliger le référencement organique lors de la sélection et du déploiement d'une plate-forme de gestion de contenus pour un site de nouvelles ainsi que de la possibilité de produire et publier du contenu sur mesure pour des verticaux niches prédéterminées par les intérêts du lectorat. Il devient ainsi possible de développer une communauté basée sur les préférences de nos visiteurs et par le fait même d'augmenter le niveau d'engagement de notre public.

Déjà un an pour 3e mardi | 3rd Tuesday Montreal
Hé oui, il y a déjà un an que nous présentions notre premier événement! C'est quand je pense à ces nombreuses soirées à se réunir afin de discuter de médias sociaux et de nouveaux médias que je considère vraiment ce que mon implication avec 3e mardi m'a apporté. De fait, bien plus qu'un moyen de rester au courant des nouvelles tendances dans l'applications des médias sociaux dans le domaine des communications, je retire avant tout d'agréables rencontres faites avec plusieurs personnes fortement impliquées dans l'industrie. Parmi ces rencontres, j'ai notamment grandement apprécié pouvoir discuté avec Steve Rubel lors de son passage en novembre. Bien que d'avoir tenu cette rencontre de novembre le même soir que Yulbiz et que quelques autres importants 5 à 7 ne fut probablement la plus judicieuse décision que notre comité ait prise, ceci permit néanmoins à moins d'une douzaine de chanceux de pouvoir obtenir un entretien exclusif avec l'un de ceux que plusieurs considèrent comme le guru de notre profession. Je garde également d'excellents souvenirs de ma rencontre avec Shel Holtz pour lequel j'ai profité d'une courte balade en auto afin de lui faire visiter brièvement notre merveilleuse ville. J'ai finalement particulièrement aimé la soirée Steve Proulx (Voir) et Roberto Rocha (Montreal Gazette) partagèrent avec l'audiance des points de vues tout à fait différent dans l'utilisation qu'ils font de certains outils sociaux dans leur travail de journaliste.

En somme, de nombreux bons souvernirs et autant de belles rencontres. Sur ce, on se voit mardi soir prochain! Un merci également à nos commanditaires: CNW Telbec, Thornley Fallis, K3 Media et IABC/Montréal.

Leaving Facebook One Friend a Day


I've just decided to leave Facebook.

Starting as of today I will delete a contact a day. I used to have 318 friends, I'm now at 317 and by the end of 2009 I should have cancelled all my connexions.

Update (June 3rd): Not that easy to do so, since everyone that I'm deleting is sending me a friend request to connect with them... Anyway I'm currently at 259 friends.

NEWAD cherche un chef, développement interactif

Miguel Diaz chez NEWAD m'envoit cette offre d'emploi que je publie ici

Poste permanent basé à Montréal. Vous possédez un baccalauréat en marketing ou en communication. Vous avez 3 à 5 ans d'expérience en marketing interactif (Web) ainsi qu'une expérience en gestion d'équipe. Parfaitement bilingue autant à l'oral qu'à l'écrit, vous êtes un bon communicateur et un fin diplomate. Vous avez beaucoup d'initiative et votre talent en idéation vous amène souvent à être reconnu comme un précurseur. Mordu d'internet, vous êtes à l'affut des courants et tendances de l'heure et savez les exploiter de manière à les rendre profitables. Vous êtes également habiles à mettre en place des outils de marketing et de communication (B2C et B2B). Côté technique, vous maîtrisez les outils de monitoring statistique et de performance.