Top 5 reasons why I SHOULD go to webcom Montreal 07


1. for the event: for anyone into internet marketing, web design industry or communication agencies, it is going to be the place to be! The event should also get a .

2. for the speakers: impressive list of people truly connected to the social media hype. The speakers should talk about very different and specific topics such as corporate blogging for (), social networking for (), social bookmarking and tagging for (), interactive marketing for () and digital marketing for ().

3. because we’ll be presenting: For those of you who will be following the interactive marketing track (other tracks are interactive communication and interactive solutions) you will see (our CEO) on the panel called : how to increase your traffic and visibility with search engine marketing.

4. because $$$ : considering that the ticket is 395.00$ CDN (not talking about $US), it should be a good reason to attend.

5. to optimize my : In the past, we have manage to get a lot of good deals when we go to these kinds of events. When Guillaume talked about social media marketing at the , a lot of people came to us to get further info (and later projects). Even when we are not presenting we have a lot of good leads. As for example, when () at the , only the fact the he pointed at us giving our work as an example of social media optimization, brought us a lot of visibility (and even more…)

Hopin’ to see you @webcom ! /

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