The rise of social media marketing

Into their called , IBM is ‘‘forecasting greater disruption for the advertising industry in the next five years than occurred in the previous 50’’.

Starting with an image taken from the report,

here’s what this reality means for…


  • They will have to rethink how advertising is sold, created, consumed and tracked.
  • Mass geographic targeting will change to demographic or psychographic targeting (micro-segmentation).
  • They will benefit of the payment switch from commissions (or cost per quantity) to types of payment based on results, but they will have to find new partners to manage their budgets

Traditional agencies

  • Shifting from traditional media to internet marketing and digital marketing won’t be an option anymore. They will have to change or disappear. ()
  • Changing their revenue model: the way that they charge for a traditional campaign won’t be applicable to the new form of marketing.
  • Be open and accept the fact that they will probably need help to understand master all that digital terminology geeky stuff.


  • They will gain more power in taking a active part into the communication process which used to rarely consider the consumer’s feedback.
  • They will become involve into the creativity process of the advertising.
  • By writting reviews, appreciations and comments, they will become the first reliable ressource of referrals.

Now who’s the winner ?

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