Who cares about seo montreal

As of december 3rd 2007 : who ranks for seo montreal on Google.ca ?

  1. Internet Marketing Inc -
  2. NVI -
  3. NVI -
  4. Montreal Media -
  5. no company name -
  6. Strategic Marketing Montreal -
  7. Redstonex -
  8. DNCOM Marketing -
  9. MediaMarcom -
  10. Groupe Media Synaxiom -


I was having this discussion with last week at Yulbiz and we were talking about the value of the term. While Gabriel , he doesn’t appear on the rankings on google.ca. But the main question was more: Is there any real value to rank on seo montreal ? As for my experience , we aren’t receiving quality traffic through this specific term, probably because of the fact that people are not yet aware of seo services, so they are not searching for it. Gab then added that within a year or few, the term should gain value, that does make sense.

I decided today to do a little check up on people who care about ranking on seo montreal. It’s fun to see that the person in the spot #5 has the same phone number as the #1 company. Note also that the montreal seo search gives you almost the same results that you have for seo montreal. There is also this Strategic Marketing Montreal company (based in BC ???) in the spot #6. Anyway, I will try to redo the exercice in few months to see if there is any chages.

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  1. Says:

    As the owner of Strategic Marketing Montreal, I thought a word of explanation might be appropriate. It’s true that my physical location has now moved to British Columbia very recently. However for over 30 years I have been marketing in Montreal so I know I have something useful to offer on this topic. In the online world, physical location is not all that important. I can survey the Montreal Internet scene just as well from Langley as I most recently was doing from LaSalle.

  2. nicolask7 Says:

    @Barry : right about the fact that online world cannot always match real location and thanks for taking the time to write down an explanation.

  3. Says:

    i think people would type “internet marketing montreal” instead of “seo montreal”, if they want a better exposure on the internet

    i think SEO is still a technical word (jargon)

    so a good idea is to track also results for “internet marketing montreal”

    but congrats on the search results!


  4. nicolask7 Says:

    you’re right heri, another thing interesting that i found (doing the ‘internet marketing montreal’ query) was that even Google bought a Adwords spot on that term to advertise their services… i mean: i don’t know if they had to buy the spot ?? but they are still there…

  5. Says:

    He, it’s funny. I was just looking for the URL of this site to drop a link and find that you’re linking to me. All the more reason to link here, it seems!

    BTW, as to Strategic Marketing Montreal, you might be interested in this interview Barry and I did, Nicolas: .

  6. Says:

    Another valuable term to focus on besides “SEO montreal” is “referencement montreal” which is the French translation of indexation or referencing, less technical expression and better accepted in terms of awareness among marketing crowds and small business.

    The problem with other key expression such as “internet marketing montreal” is that they are too wide to be relevant; given the fact that they are so many topics and fields of expertise that can be related to internet marketing…


  7. nicolask7 Says:

    @Gab : thanks for the interview
    @Andres: guess we’ll go with referencement then ;)

  8. Says:

    I have discussions with many marketing directors and they don’t even know what mean SEO or SEM. Andres Restrepo is right because “referencement montreal” is used by english and french people. They will also type “marketing internet positionnement and/or referencement” .

    Thank you

  9. Says:

    Is amazing something even scary to see how low is the level of awareness regarding Search Engine Optimization and Marketing among advertising agencies both digital and traditional. Failing to consider this key component to a site commercial success (generation of qualified traffic) in the beginning of a site creation can be very, very risky.
    Agencies don’t seem to really grasp the great value proposition of SEM… too bad (for them)!

  10. Says:

    From my own experience, it is better to rank for “internet marketing” related terms than “seo” related terms. “seo” terms might bring some traffic but very few valuable leads. In Quebec, it is even worse as Quebec based business professionals seem to be way behind other provinces such as Ontario and BC when it comes to seo knowledge. Just look at LinkedIn. It is hard to find contacts from Quebec on that network even though it is among the highest rated networks out there.

  11. Says:

    Interesting, well I think we should leave Barry alone. Even though its a little silly

  12. Says:

    Gab, thanks for an interesting interview.
    I recently started offering SEO and other IM services in Montreal, so far so good but I think I should charge more.

  13. Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for such a great post. I’ll be visiting your blog again and adding you to my reader ! Thank you again :) Thanks,

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