Who cares about seo montreal

As of december 3rd 2007 : who ranks for seo montreal on Google.ca ?

  1. Internet Marketing Inc – www.searchengineoptimizationcompany.ca
  2. NVI – www.nvisolutions.com
  3. NVI – www.nvisolutions.com
  4. Montreal Media – www.montrealmedia.com
  5. no company name – www.seomontreal.ca
  6. Strategic Marketing Montreal – www.strategicmarketingmontreal.ca
  7. Redstonex – www.redstonex.com
  8. DNCOM Marketing – www.dncom-marketing.com
  9. MediaMarcom – www.mediamarcom.com
  10. Groupe Media Synaxiom – www.synaxiom.com


I was having this discussion with Gabriel Goldenberg last week at Yulbiz and we were talking about the value of the seo montreal term. While Gabriel is ranking first and 3rd on Google.com for seo montreal, he doesn’t appear on the rankings on google.ca. But the main question was more: Is there any real value to rank on seo montreal ? As for my experience , we aren’t receiving quality traffic through this specific term, probably because of the fact that people are not yet aware of seo services, so they are not searching for it. Gab then added that within a year or few, the term should gain value, that does make sense.

I decided today to do a little check up on people who care about ranking on seo montreal. It’s fun to see that the person in the spot #5 has the same phone number as the #1 company. Note also that the montreal seo search gives you almost the same results that you have for seo montreal. There is also this Strategic Marketing Montreal company (based in BC ???) in the spot #6. Anyway, I will try to redo the exercice in few months to see if there is any chages.

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