Mixx users please get over it !

Here’s a snapshot of the most popular stories voted on Mixx EVER. Number 1) is about google maps, number 2) about Digg, number 3) about Mixx becoming a “Refugee” camp for Digg users, number 4) still about Digg and number 5) about Mixx (in comparaison of Digg). Please mixx users move on !

How to Get Over Your First Love Digg

Largely inspired by the : , here’s some tips to move on:

  1. Cut off all communication with your ex (remove Digg from your feeds).
  2. Do not hook up with your ex (change your default homepage on your browser).
  3. Recall why you broke up ()
  4. Realize that just because this relationship is over, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never find love again.
  5. Don’t try to get through this alone ().
  6. Talk and see your friends, and family more.
  7. Be open and honest about how you are feeling.
  8. Remember there are other people that care ()
  9. Do not ask your friends if they have seen your ex.
  10. Cry. It’s okay to cry. Just let it all out.
  11. Use your breakup as an opportunity to become the person you have always wanted to be.
  12. Fill up your MP3 player with the saddest love songs you can think of.
  13. Recognize that you have the power of choice in your life.

I find it weird that most popular stories on Mixx are about Digg, it’s kinda if most popular shows on FOX were about ABC’s.

How’s your internet marketing mix ?

Which advertising media buys perform strongly for your company? (select all that apply)

Datran Media, an email marketing solutions provider, . Results show that according to professional marketers, email marketing is still the strongest performing media. They interviewed marketers from 90 companies including OgilvyOne Worldwide, Avenue A/Razorfish and Stamps.com (for the ). I know that it is quite difficult to measure ROI of social media marketing but still…, may be next year they will include the option into the survey. In the meantime, we should find an appropriate way to measure the ROI. The next picture is taken from , it shows that there is no unique way to calculate your success.
social media marketing roi

AMM membership, Startup Camp Montreal + forget about the vision

association marketing de montreal

I went to the yesterday in order to have some information on the membership. I’m not yet a member but I’m looking to join the association. The annual membership is about 270$ and gives access to different activities all listed on the . The most valuable activity (according to me) is the possibility to join what they call a . It seems to be a weekly discussion and networking meeting regrouping marketing people from non-competitive industries. I like the idea.

I was also pleased to chat with about finding a way to protect our industry to define the internet marketing strategist profession (if there is one…). The discussion was based on the fact that anybody can advertise himself as an internet marketer (think about ), so according to her, being member of the AMM could be a way to show our qualifications. The only thing is that I’m not sure if the AMM is doing any selection on their membership ?

I was a bit disappointed to refuse the invitation from and to get something to eat after the event, but I wanted to attend at La . Startup Camp Montreal is an event dedicated to everything Startup. It is the forum where early stage companies, investors and on-lookers alike can share information and validate pitches live.
startupcamp montreal

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Montreal has his monthly Social Media Meetup

Great news ! We finally have our monthly social media meetup. For further info see all the details on . I am part of the organization, so feel free to drop me a comment if you have any suggestions, we are truly open to feedback. It is going to be a networking event powered by a valuable conference. See also on Facebook.

When museums use social media tools


I’m writing this quick post on last Yultour because I really enjoined the event. If you are not already familiar with Yultour, it can be described as a gathering of people into the tourism industry sharing this common interest on the impacts of the internet on their industry. The initiative comes from Pierre Bellerose of and they describe themselves as a group of ‘blogueurs et gestionnaires adeptes du e-tourisme’. What brings truly a plus to this networking event is that there is a short presentation that comes with the meeting.


What can we learn from museums?

This edition’s presentation (sorry I didn’t catch the speaker’s name) has shown us how a conservative industry (mainly museums) has embraced the spirit of the social media marketing (or at least some of social media tools). For example:

  • Podcasting: Museums already have audio-guides for exhibitions, why not making podcast with these tapes? For example, one my favorite museum,the , also offers recordings especially for teens or kids, what a nice way to reach a younger audience!

  • Blogs: e.g.The Metropolitan Museum of Arts () .
  • Tagging: There is even , Australia, that allows anybody to tag their collection with their own label. They have created an interactive database that contains thousands of zoomable images. Pretty impressive!

For more info on Yultour visit the ! + When I’ll get the chance I’ll try to check what museums in Montreal are doing with these social media tools.

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7 snapshots from Montreal’s blogosphere

Montreal sous la neige

Entering the world of non-business blogging

Most of the people that I know are blogging for business related reasons. In fact, it becomes obvious that blogging can be more than efficient to create a communication with your users, customers, providers, fans, employees… By giving people a quite easy way to open the discussion with your organisation, not only they will take part in the discussion but they will involve themselves (if it’s not already done) into the creation of their own personal space on the web. I spent part of yesterday going through some of these personal spaces, journals and other web logs created by Montrealers. I’d like to share what I have found with you in the following post.

Who is blogging in Montreal?

It could be anybody. I mean, seriously: it could be the , the , the or that that you`re talking once a day over the phone. What are they blogging about? I would say their life: work, happiness, failures, love, lifestyle,intensity, feelings… Let’s take a quick look a some of the most visited blogs in the city and others that I found interesting).


: Montrealers need Midnight Poutine. It’s a personal ongoing account of the city’s happenings. It’s a delicious high-fat source of rants, raves and musings. It is a blog about Montreal music, arts, film, events, people, places and other happenings.


: Un blog, un collage d’idée, de photos, de pensées & observations, un magazine, un podcast, un videocast. Your daily dose of inspiration - for late and early adopters - since 03/2002. MC describes herself as an artist interested in people, life, technology, and the creative potential of web publishing tools.

: This blog turned seven years old on December 27. Hard to categorize, the blog was nominated in 6 categories at the :best blog, , best personal blog, , , best activities bog. Still about Montreal lifestyle but coming from somebody that was born and raise in Nova Scotia.

: Steve Faguy describes himself has a twenty-something geek freelance journalist who lives in Montreal. I would say that if trad journalism has difficulties to reach a younger audience, that’s partly because of blogs like his where you can find all the news about the city plus a lot more.

: Seen on his blog, msg to his girlfriend : Comment ça va se matin? Moi, présentement, je commence à être saoul. On a eu beaucoup de plaisir ce soir/nuit/matin (il est 5h46 présentement) à boire et niaiser. Trois personnes de Lachute on décidé qu’il était plus tuff que mois sur l’alcool mais bon, as usual, il se sont poussé avant d’être humiliés… Tu sais comme s’est!

: carnets naïfs d’un homme face a la vie et au VIH. I won’t say more, please read explaining why he’s blogging.

She is a video game producer living in Montreal, talks about her life in general, running, and quite often speaks of gaming and game development to a non-gamer audience. They call her lightspeedchick… find out why on her blog.

Your blog DNA

So many blogs, so many reasons to write, to publish… As seen on , here’s my top 10 9 reasons why I blog: 1-To communicate, 2-To define myslef, 3-To learn, 4-To network, 5-To be seen, 6-To inform, 7-To sell, 8-To influence, 9-To remember. May I ask you whats are yours?


This post was mainly inspired by the feedback that I received on my blog lately, I was asked to share about or experiences working into internet marketing. Few days ago, NVI (Guillaume) had a meeting with the whole marketing management of a company offering several of the most popular brands in Canada. One of the vice-president’s questions was about understanding social media marketing (who’s reading blogs, what are they?-blogs-, who’s commenting?). These questions were justified considering that their top marketing agency that they deal with advises them the best they can but sometimes doesn’t have answers to questions such as, where should we go?, how can we reach our customers, what should avoid and why?…



Looking back at 2007 and happy New Year 2008

fireworks in montreal

Montreal social media marketing blog in 2007

I started blogging few months ago without any specific strategy to experience what blogging was all about. I began writing about events in Montreal related to the internet marketing industry: BarCamp Montreal 3, Facebook Camp, Interactive to the max, Webcom, Webcamp, Yulbiz,… but the articles that have received the most attention viewers were those with topics non-related to Montreal and focused on social media marketing (Is digital interactivity changing marketing and The rise of social media marketing). But regardless the visibility, the most valuable thing that blogging gave me is the opportunity to meet a lot of people here in Montreal (mostly bloggers).

Happy New Year 2008

I’d like to take the opportunity to wish them a wonderful year 2008 and tell them that even if I’m not commeting on their blog, I still pay attention to everything they write. So let’s start with the Yulbiz gang: , , , , , et . People that I met randomly in different activities : , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . Since I don’t have any blogroll, I’ll continue my list of Montrealers that I’m following via my feed reader (and that I’d surely like to have a quick chat with all of them in 2008): , , , , , , , , , , , .

To all of you, I wish you the best with your family, and of course your projects and business.

Special wishes and thanks to who introduced me to the internet marketing and nicely brought me on his amazing crew at NVI.

Looking forward at 2008 (things to achieve)

  1. Structure and lead our sales department
  2. Find myself a clear role into our internet marketing team
  3. Define a strategy for
  4. Make Third Tuesday Montreal a success
  5. Plan an event for SEO in Montreal (maybe related to la , don’t know yet)