Looking back at 2007 and happy New Year 2008

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Montreal social media marketing blog in 2007

I started blogging few months ago without any specific strategy to experience what blogging was all about. I began writing about events in Montreal related to the internet marketing industry: BarCamp Montreal 3, Facebook Camp, Interactive to the max, Webcom, Webcamp, Yulbiz,… but the articles that have received the most attention viewers were those with topics non-related to Montreal and focused on social media marketing (Is digital interactivity changing marketing and The rise of social media marketing). But regardless the visibility, the most valuable thing that blogging gave me is the opportunity to meet a lot of people here in Montreal (mostly bloggers).

Happy New Year 2008

I’d like to take the opportunity to wish them a wonderful year 2008 and tell them that even if I’m not commeting on their blog, I still pay attention to everything they write. So let’s start with the Yulbiz gang: Philippe Martin, Martin Ouellette, Claude Malaison, Michel Leblanc, Mathieu Bélanger, Kim et Jerome. People that I met randomly in different activities : Pierre-Antoine Fradet, Gab SEO Goldenberg, Jonathan Moquin, Jonathan Stoikovitch, Heri Rakotomalala, Simon Law, Michelle Sullivan, Mitch Joel, Joseph Thornley, Sylvain a frog Carle, Jean-Marc Langevin, Marc Laporte, Patrick Tanguay, Guillaume Brunet, Mylène Forget. Since I don’t have any blogroll, I’ll continue my list of Montrealers that I’m following via my feed reader (and that I’d surely like to have a quick chat with all of them in 2008): Eric Kucharsky, David Hamel, Pierre Coté, Ben Yoskovitz, Marc Snyder, Pierre Bouchard, Vincent Abry, Yves Williams, Martin Lessard, Alexandre Taillefer, Eric Baillargeon, Andres Restrepo.

To all of you, I wish you the best with your family, and of course your projects and business.

Special wishes and thanks to Guillaume Bouchard who introduced me to the internet marketing and nicely brought me on his amazing crew at NVI.

Looking forward at 2008 (things to achieve)

  1. Structure and lead our sales department
  2. Find myself a clear role into our internet marketing team
  3. Define a strategy for MontrealSocialMedia.com
  4. Make Third Tuesday Montreal a success
  5. Plan an event for SEO in Montreal (maybe related to la journée Infopresse on SEM, don’t know yet)

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