When museums use social media tools

I’m writing this quick post on last Yultour because I really enjoined the event. If you are not already familiar with Yultour, it can be described as a gathering of people into the tourism industry sharing this common interest on the impacts of the internet on their industry. The initiative comes from Pierre Bellerose of and they describe themselves as a group of ‘blogueurs et gestionnaires adeptes du e-tourisme’. What brings truly a plus to this networking event is that there is a short presentation that comes with the meeting.


What can we learn from museums?

This edition’s presentation (sorry I didn’t catch the speaker’s name) has shown us how a conservative industry (mainly museums) has embraced the spirit of the social media marketing (or at least some of social media tools). For example:

  • Podcasting: Museums already have audio-guides for exhibitions, why not making podcast with these tapes? For example, one my favorite museum,the , also offers recordings especially for teens or kids, what a nice way to reach a younger audience!

  • Blogs: e.g.The Metropolitan Museum of Arts () .
  • Tagging: There is even , Australia, that allows anybody to tag their collection with their own label. They have created an interactive database that contains thousands of zoomable images. Pretty impressive!

For more info on Yultour visit the ! + When I’ll get the chance I’ll try to check what museums in Montreal are doing with these social media tools.

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