Traditional media vs Social media

trad media vs social media

As seen on the . I like it ;)

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  1. Says:

    this is a great pic but it’s a bit simplified. not all bloggers have this betterment agenda, it’s pretty much “look at me agenda”

  2. nicolask7 Says:

    i like the colors in the picture because it represents the clash between the ideas expressed in the pic, on the other hand it’s not always black or white (or red and blue in this case) betterment agenda could be one of many goals that people are looking for in social media, but you’re right heri, there are defenitely many others

  3. Says:

    heri has a good point. i guess that by definition, everyone has an agenda. let me over-simplify: bloggers may want to promote ideas or promote themselves. idealists will not care so much about their readership. pragmatics will write what they feel their audience cares about.

    probably true that new media will have a larger share of idealists since the cost of getting your message across is nil, whereas setting up a TV network requires either an advertising supported business model, or a subsidized model, both of which will shape your editorial policy.

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