Are you bored of Facebook?

How long before the Facebook fatigue will go mainstream ?
While online marketers are struggling in order to find a appropriate way to spend part of their budget into FB and other social networks, it seems that being bored of FB becomes more popular than ever. This new Facebook Anthem comes from a . The clip, another parody of , points out the FB applications as the main reason why people are bored of the network.

Facebook dans un contexte d’affaires
If you are in the area, the Montreal Marketing Association (AMM) is presenting a . Speakers will be (NVI) and (Transcontinental). Event is scheduled for April 2nd ().

Facebook dans un contexte pédagogique
Pour avoir participé à l’expérience, soit la tentative d’intégration d’un groupe FB dans un contexte d’apprentissage scolaire (avec la classe de MBA électronique du ). Les conclusions ont été faciles à tirer, la plupart des outils mis de l’avant dans le cours (blogues, agrégateurs de nouvelles, micro-blogging,…) ont trouvés leur utilité dans un cadre pédagogique, Facebook non!

Before leaving Facebook, please read :

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3 Responses to “Are you bored of Facebook?”

  1. Says:

    I think Facebook is exciting because the first couple months after you join, you’re re-connecting with old friends and acquaintances which is really exciting. However when it fizzles out, there a real “Now what?” feeling.

    And while some will continue to love Facebook (it’s really my main way to chat and make plans with my friends) A lot more will drop out when the excitement ends. I think it will also likely lead in to becoming a niche site–much like how MySpace is now used mostly by musicians and music enthusiasts.

  2. nicolask7 Says:

    hi kelly here’s the reasons why i still have a FB Account
    1- event application (like to browse my friend’s events)
    2- friend request: best way to get introduced to someone you barely know
    3- thats about it

    so, what would be the facebook niche ? colleges&universities

  3. Says:

    J’ai cette impression aussi que FB est sur une pente descendante…
    Je suis très curieux de savoir ce qui va se passer dans les prochains mois… Je n’y suis plus sur FB depuis une semaine, et ma vie s’en porte parfaitement bien. :)

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