Any Chance that Someone Will Digg my French Content ?

I’m always happy to see companies adding social media features to their website (specifically when it’s coming from a traditional media). Recently, I’ve noticed that the online version of Montreal’s La Presse add some social media buttons to their articles. In fact, what’s even greater is that they also took the time to explain the purpose of these small new icons at the bottom of their news. They let us know that if we find something interesting on their site, we can now bookmark and/or submit the news in order to share the content with others.


The only thing that I really don’t understand is why they choose the Digg-submit thing? Ok, I have nothing against Digg, it’s only that I come from the only french-speaking part of North America and that the newspaper in question contains only french-written content! So besides of this post with 28 diggs, I cannot see any way that someone will digg a article written in french. So what’s the point of sharing something that others won’t be able to read?

When adding some kewl new 2.0 features to your website, would you please take the time to make it appropriate to your user as well as valuable to the users of the social network that you try to join.

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