Best of Montreal on YouTube and other Clips about the City

Everyday Normal Guy 2- Jon Lajoie

Who’s that Regular Everyday Normal Montrealer with over 4.5 millions views of his clips on YouTube and in the States? , besides of staring in RadCan’s , is apparently on his way to become our first local comedian using social Medias and more especially YouTube in order to leverage an international career. More to come since he is currently negotiating with majors such as HBO to get something big.

Mighty ducks saved by montreal’s police officer

Forget about the police and the . When , the Montreal police is always there to protect and serve!


It’s probably been too long since we have won the cup. Great memories Enjoy! ()

Malajube “Montreal -40°C”

First band ever from Montreal making it to the top of the week on YouTube’s list with their Montreal -40°C song. see also and .

From New York City to Montreal

IMHO: The way that should promote the city.

Nadia Comaneci, Montréal 1976 TEN !!!

Yes, Montreal was once host of the Olympics and Nadia Queen of the Games!

Montreal: Two Minute Tour

Still the best Tour of the city that I’ve found. Informative if you plan to visit the city.

Snowboarding in the city - Sunset Films - Montreal

Bonus: love snowboarding, didn’t think that Montreal was offering that much opportunities.

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    I love this Montreal 2 minutes tour! Fun and creative! :-)

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