New Canadian iphone plans: will Rogers react ?

Rogers will definitely need some reputation management on their SERP… don’t mess with the geeks ;)

The Story
from Reuters
from Engadget

The Customer’s Response

update: few days ago, the site was redirected to which is a little bit more politically correct.

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SES Toronto: The State of Search Marketing in Canada

nvi augustin at SES Toronto 08 NVI francis and eric at SES Toronto 08

How Canadian search industry is different than the American? According to Yahoo’s SEM National Director, , Canadian companies might be missing the boat. We are way behind the States in SEM expenses. Byrne made for online banking services. While they are about 10 PPC ads in, there are about 5 sponsor results in and even less when searching in French. These results show that Canadian companies don’t take all the opportunity available.

Eric Morris, points out 3 main differences:
1- Canadians are very loyal to Google in comparison of other countries
2- We are facing a bilingual reality
3- the industry is much more developed in the States

According to Morris, US companies have already shifted budgets from traditional channels to internet marketing. While Canadian begin to use and understand all the possibilities of analytics, US companies focus on the next steps of search such as contextual targeting for mobile.

Last on the panel, Guillaume Bouchard from NVI presented a look a the landscape of the SEM in Province of Qubec. Guillaume said that online sales would probably be higher if debit payment was widely accepted because Quebecers use more debit than credit card payment which is not the case in the States. It seems that Quebec users trust their banks before 3rd party websites such as PayPal. Also good to know that Quebec online market is mainly owned by 3 actors: PowerCorp, Transcontinental and Quebecor.

Going to Search Engine Strategies (SES) Toronto 08


I’m leaving today for SES Toronto ‘08 with 6 of my colleagues. will be presenting on the State of Search Marketing in Canada panel and I plan to cover some of the panels during the two days event. I know that Simon and from Adviso will also be there. I don’t know about other Montrealers (I think Mitch is presenting also). In fact, I didn’t get the chance to take a look at the speakers but that I might be covering:

-Universal & Blended Search
-The State of Search Marketing in Canada
-Beyond Linkbait: Getting Authoritative Online Mentions
-What’s Different About B2B? Tailored Strategies
-Social Media Success
-Web 2.0 & Search Engines
-Giving Credit Where It’s Due: Which Campaign Sold What?

update: Some , so far

Thanks for the people at who provided me a media pass for the whole event! More to come…

Emergency Fair Copyright Organizational Meeting


Wow this post is a entire copy and paste from a FB event, don’t know if I’ll make it but still… I definitely want to promote the event.

Montreal’s technology and creative communities are mobilizing against a new federal bill to restrict creators’ and consumers’ rights to use digital media.

On June 12th, 2008, Industry Minister Jim Prentice will introduce the amendment to the Canadian copyright act, commonly called “the Canadian DMCA”. The bill was crafted under pressure from American media cartels, and it’s expected to have a chilling effect on free expression and free speech in this country. It will restrict Canadians from freely using their computers and other devices to save, store, and play their legally-purchased media.

The Montreal Chapter of Fair Copyright for Canada is holding an emergency action meeting to respond to the new bill. We’ll have information for citizens to learn more about the Canadian DMCA, and materials for writing and sending letters to MPs asking them to oppose the bill.

Come meet others in the Montreal area who want a balanced, fair copyright system that works for all Canadians. , Meeting at this Thursday 6:00 PM.

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