Random thoughts from PodCamp Montreal


Interlocking Stones : Decisions, Techniques and Styles to turn daily downloads from 20 to 2000 -
Podcaster are passionates, not experts
If you are memorable, people will take about you
Interlocking stones, tight together with passion
If you have a partner/spouse in your life who is also passionated about, that really helps

Please Don’t Suck! -
Is Bigger really better or do they just suck on a larger scale ?
How deep is your love, the only way the receive lovee is to give, so please comment first

The New New Music – Fans, Community And What Business Can Learn From An Industry In Peril - and
We are taking away the core product of the whole music industry: the cd - M.J.
Back in the days, we used to look at the charts and the numbers - D.U.
All I can judge my success now is about how the relationship with my community gos (selling shows) - D.U.
Music is a way to connect with people - D.U.
It’s not about ‘how many’ but about ‘who’ – M.J.
If you don’t get a reaction, you suck - M.J.

David Usher on the New Music

Audience listening at Mitch Joel and David Usher

Sylvain Grand’maison and a photographer

So far, I’ve found these reactions on the blogs, How was your week-end???
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- - Mike Kujawski
- - Claude Malaison
- - Muriel Ide, blogue de l’AMM
- - inevernu

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  1. Says:

    I don’t believe I said that all podcasters are passionates, not experts. Andrea and I () don’t think of ourselves as experts and don’t present ourselves as such. We are wildly passionate about what we do — we share our passion and opinions.

    There are some people in this space that clearly are experts (at least in my opinion). There is room for everyone. Just, be sure you present yourself honestly and transparently.

    Perhaps another approach is to harness your passion and let others decide.

  2. nicolask7 Says:

    @mark thank you for that precision. I really like the ‘let others decide’

  3. Says:

    […] As someone fairly new to the complexities and richness of the social media realm (obligatory Myspace and Facebook profile aside) it was an inspiring and eye-opening weekend.  For some more random thoughts and photos of PodCast Montreal (I didn’t have a camera) visit the blog of a newly-made acquiantance, Montreal Social Media. […]

  4. Says:

    Really enjoyed #pcmtl myself. Good “vibe.” A sense of community. A nurturing environment.
    Sessions were interesting too but most of what happened had something to do with interactions among participants happening outside of the workshop/lecture model. Even when they happened simultaneously, through the back-channel.

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