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Good question seen on twitter few minutes ago: Where do you get upcoming information about event such as Yulbiz, Webcom, Podcamp and other meet-ups? Of course, there are personnal blogs, , Twitter updates, Facebook Groups and Events and other social sites but in order to get a maximal exposure should we have one place to look for all events? Or let me put it this way: should we take for granted that people interested in web related events are already social media users?

A good example of promoting events and keeping the community informed of what’s happening is what does with the right column of his blog: quite simple but a good way to showcase the different venues. As for internet marketing events or other social media meet ups, ’s tweet gave me the idea of builing a work in progress list or these types of events, I’ll defenitely take much time later to complete the list but please also feel free to contribute in the comments.

Social Media Events in Montreal

1. Yulblog

Once a month Montréal bloggers get together in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Usually 1st Wednesday of every month at . to who’s been taking care of the event for the last 3-5 years, ”it’s just an occasion to meet people and grab a beer. There’s talk about pretty much any and all subjects, not that much talk about blogs actually, aside from what’s your URL and what do you write about. There is no agenda and no organized setup, we just go there and meet people.”
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2. Yulbiz

More business oriented than Yulblog, Yulbiz gives a monthly opportunity to network with bloggers on every last Tuesday. Event takes places at Café Méliès. The concept was exported to many international cities such as Bordeaux, Barcelona and Strasbourg. that she and have started the meet-up when they both wrote an open invitation on their blog to reunite Montreal business bloggers.
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3. Yultour

Yultour réunit les gens de l’industrie touristique qui s’intéressent aux technologies et au e-tourisme en général ainsi que les blogueurs d’affaires qui s’intéressent au tourisme. Yultour is directly inspired by Yulbiz and targets the tourism and cultural industry. Yultour started in 2007 and doesn’t take place on a monthly basis. So far, there has been three meetings covering topics such as the use of Facebook in tourism industry and the culture 2.0. The main differnce between Yultour and Yulbiz is that the event always features a 10 to 20 minutes conference while the rest of the evening is mainly about networking.
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4. 3e mardi | 3rd Tuesday

3e mardi |Third Tuesday Montréal is a monthly meetup to learn about and discuss the practical applications of social media within their industry. PR and marketing professionals interested in the social media phenomenon meet on (or around) the third Tuesday of each month to hear from and speak with guest speakers who are experts in the field of social media. The informal conferences are also a great opportunity to network with peers who are active in the field. The meet up features a presentation from an social media expert covering topics such as social media PR, online video or business cases involving social media marketing. 3rd Tuesday also takes place in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and other Canadian cities.

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5. Podmtl

PodMtl (Pod Montreal) is a gathering of podcasters, listeners and anyone that is interested in this new phenomenon that is podcasting. The event is open to everyone and is occuring every months. Event takes usually place at .

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    Wow, I didn’t realize my tweet would produce so much results. I added Heri’s iCal export to my Google Calendar and it will probably help me a lot to have a heads up on what’s coming. Thanks.

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    Hey Nicolas, thanks for the mention, it’s cool to see people taking steps to gather everyone

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    Good idea Nicolas and thanks for the info.

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