What Future for Paid Social Media Events in Montreal?


Are Paid Social Media Events Still Profitable? That’s exactly what I’m wondering when I realize that the two last paid social media conferences booked in Montreal were cancelled because they’ve failed to sell enough tickets. I cannot say that I’m not concerned because each social media event, paid or not, helps the local social media marketing industry which I’m part of. So is there a market for these conferences in Montreal?

Conférence sur les médias sociaux de l’Institut Canadien (cancelled)
In past September, there were two social media events scheduled in the same week. was free and very successful while the other one, the was charging few hundred dollards to attend a 2-days conference and got cancelled at the last minute. Is there any explanation why orgnanizers have been doing such conference but have failed when trying to do the same in Montreal? What’s wrong with Montrealers and paid social media events?

Journée Infopresse sur les médias sociaux (cancelled)
Another big player in the organization of conferences in Montreal is . They plan dozens of one day event through the year. Past winter that had a first and more recently they had scheduled another event on social media ( but content has been removed) that was cancelled too. Last time I’ve spoken to Infopresse organization, they told me that they’ll probalbly reschedule that social media day but yesterday, via , I’ve noticed that their contains no sign of any social media day. Since they neither plan any SEO, SEM or SMO related event, I see that as a great opportunity for any group or company to take the lead and organize such an event in Montreal.

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