What has changed with SEO Montreal

I’ve been watching the rankings for Montreal SEO and SEO Montreal probably for the past couple of years. Something interesting that I’ve just noticed today (June 2010) is the news result between the 3rd and the 4th organic spot. The company promoted through that press release had published press releases 4 times in the past month.

While in 2007 all the SERPs were mainly owned by organic results,¬† in 2008 we’ve started seeing Google maps results showing up.¬† Today, it’s very interesting to see how only releasing a couple of press releases¬† promoted through a mass media distribution site (included in Google News) can easily push your rankings up.

Montreal SEO

I wonder how long that tactic will work.

Update (Sept 11th 2010): While their press release result had vanished from the SERPs, the SEO company in question still ranks pretty well for Montreal SEO related terms.

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