Faces of Social Media in Montreal


In the last months I had the chance to meet with a lot of different people doing very interesting things all related to various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of quality content. What I’m thinking now is to start a new serie of posts in order to recognize people involved with social medias in the Montreal area. What I would like to create more precisely is a way to promote people and/or businesses that has a specific knowledge or an expertise on any topic related to social media.

Looking for your suggestions
Please feel free to suggest me topics and people/company that I might not know or that you feel that they deserve better coverage. I plan to talk about everything related to social media, so: blogs, wikis, podcasts, vlogs, webtv, social networking,… The goal of the exercise will be to identify some individual and make you discover what they’ve done. Just to give you a rough idea, I could write about who is probably the guy with the largest experience in implementing wikis in the city. Or doing a short interview with , the mind behind the . Depending of the feedback I plan to make it a weekly thing.