5 Nifty PPC Tools

Acquisio Bid Management Software
A lot of the meat of the PPC job is bid management, making sure you’re spending your money on the keywords you should be spending on (and not the others). Acquisio’s tool not only helps you identify strengths and weaknesses, but helps you make decisions. You can know, for example, what you need to change in one parameter to bring about the desired change in another parameter, given another parameter that is fixed. Nice little .

Keyword Combination Tool
Looking to build combinations of keywords without a messing with concatenation and massive and error-filled find-and-replace jobs? This quick tool lets you dump in keyword components to build all combinations of phrases, with a short list of changeable parameters to let you use it as you need it. Nothing mind blowing, but it’s quick, easy, and useful (and better than Excel).

Yahoo! Search Engine
Yahoo!’s actual search engine itself can sometimes be handy to find related keyword verticals that are somewhat tangential to the list you’re working on. While some keyword tools are handy more for depth or breadth within a vertical, it’s nice sometimes to get a looser semantic sense and see what kind of other areas you might be forgetting, that might be worth targeting.

Demographics Prediction Tool
Not an essential tool, but we’re talking nifty, right? This tool lets you pop in a keyword and get some quick rough demographic expectations. While this tool can be useful beyond pay-per-click, it’s handy to know for whom to target your ad text, and offers valuable information in deciding whether to bid on a particular keyword or not.

Ad Split Testing Tool
If you’re looking to test and compare two different PPC ads, this tool can help you understand what’s going well and what’s not, as far as click through rate, what’s needed for conversions, and more. It even lets you know once you’ve reached a minimum test sample size, and lets you calibrate your results based on the confidence you need in their accuracy.

How’s your internet marketing mix ?

Which advertising media buys perform strongly for your company? (select all that apply)

Datran Media, an email marketing solutions provider, . Results show that according to professional marketers, email marketing is still the strongest performing media. They interviewed marketers from 90 companies including OgilvyOne Worldwide, Avenue A/Razorfish and Stamps.com (for the ). I know that it is quite difficult to measure ROI of social media marketing but still…, may be next year they will include the option into the survey. In the meantime, we should find an appropriate way to measure the ROI. The next picture is taken from , it shows that there is no unique way to calculate your success.
social media marketing roi

Top 10 internet marketing list

Even if I cannot say that I am a real fan of the listing concept (all these top 10 reasons or top 20 must seen…), I found several interesting lists in the past few months - all related to internet marketing – truly helpful and I decided to post some of them here:

  1. : A great way to be introduced to SMM & SMO, gives definitions, tips, comments and more. It also includes a 5 Must Know Guide on SMM & SMO, 8 articles On How You Can Leverage SMM & SMO to Work for You and few good articles related to Digg and StumbleUpon.
  2. : This list has incredible content. You will find a detailed definition of all the general bookmarking sites as well as public bookmarking sites and non English bookmarking services.
  3. : some critical advices that you cannot afford to avoid. A short excerpt :’’Stop using keywords in you URLs. Why? Because if you don’t know how to optimize a page without slamming keywords into the URLs, you don’t know how to optimize a Web page.’’
  4. : short post but less is more ! Every traditionnal marketer should read this one. It reminds me this awesome .
  5. : You just started a new WordPress blog, now what’s next ? Even if some of the tips could be considered as obvious (create a feedburner feed for you blog), I really don’t think that most of us still don’t have install important plugins (the All in One SEO Pack, Google Sitemaps plugin, create a Robots.txt file,…) to our blog.
  6. and
  7. : It could be done by a quiz, by a interactive video, via tools,… as long as people forward it. Nice recap of all the way that viral goes.
  8. : Besides those traditionnal questions, what else should we ask a PPC guy? SEOmoz answers it.
  9. : When a famous blogger asks it audience and when the audience responds.
  10. : well, this one doesn’t entirely match with internet marketing but since I spend most of my time in sales calls, it taught me a lot.