NEWAD cherche un chef, développement interactif

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Miguel Diaz chez NEWAD m’envoit cette offre d’emploi que je publie ici

Poste permanent basé à Montréal. Vous possédez un baccalauréat en marketing ou en communication. Vous avez 3 à 5 ans d’expérience en marketing interactif (Web) ainsi qu’une expérience en gestion d’équipe. Parfaitement bilingue autant à l’oral qu’à l’écrit, vous êtes un bon communicateur et un fin diplomate. Vous avez beaucoup d’initiative et votre talent en idéation vous amène souvent à être reconnu comme un précurseur. Mordu d’internet, vous êtes à l’affut des courants et tendances de l’heure et savez les exploiter de manière à les rendre profitables. Vous êtes également habiles à mettre en place des outils de marketing et de communication (B2C et B2B). Côté technique, vous maîtrisez les outils de monitoring statistique et de performance. (.)

Two Weeks Unplugged, Could You Make It?


I remember myself two weeks ago leaving for a 15 days vacation and wondering if I’m gonna be able to make it. The challenge was real: living without any online connection while enjoying an hiking/camping trip in the beautiful national parks of Banff and Jasper both in the Canadian Rockies.

Am I addicted to the internet?

Considering the fact that my work requires that I spend minimum 8 hrs a day logged to the net and that the first thing that I do when coming back from work is turning on my computer, I would say that it might seem that I have some kind of cyberaddiction. While addictions can be healthy, unhealthy, or a mixture of both, , the situation becomes pathological when you start neglecting important things in your life because of this behavior. The problem with this so-called addiction not yet recognized by (the bible for all symptoms and treatments of mental disorders) is that, like , individuals that exhibit problematic internet use often suffer from other psychiatric disorders. Let’s just think about what people are doing besides of working on the net: adult entertainment, online casinos, gaming, social networking; these paterns of behavior can easily be associate with problems that people might also face into the offline world.

Another point of view on the topic is the one from Kim Young, who became an authority in this field and thinks that cyberaddiction is a real disorder. Young wrote she even gives a short exercise with questions to answers that will give you a rough idea if you are considered as dependents. So is CyberAddiction real, who knows? Like many things coming from the web, I guess it’s too soon to tell.

What do you do when you are on vacation?
Back to my two weeks challenge: No I didn’t made it! After a full week without any connection, I had to go check my credit card balance and my banking services… I took also the time to go through (really quickly) some of my emails. Besides this 10 minutes rush, I felt ok for another full week. Anyway, what’s the worst from being apart from the online world? Yes I’ve feared that when I’ll be back everybody would have changed from to but it didn’t quite happen (I mean not yet). I’ve also lost but think that I’ll take the opportunity to leave plurk, BTW anybody wants ? So what did I missed really, has finally launched their API, bravo to you guys. What else? I guess I’ll see when I’ll catch up with the 1000+ stories waiting for me into my feed reader.

Further info on Cyberaddiction and Pathological Internet Use

by Kimberly S. Young (University of Pittsburgh)
by King, S. A. (1996)
by Suler, J. (2004)
by John Suler, CyberPsychology and Behavior, 2, 385-394, 1999
by Jennifer R. Ferris, Psychology, Virginia Tech
by Yair Amichai-Hamburger, Galit Wainapel, Shaul Fox. CyberPsychology & Behavior. April 1, 2002

Best of Montreal on YouTube and other Clips about the City

Everyday Normal Guy 2- Jon Lajoie

Who’s that Regular Everyday Normal Montrealer with over 4.5 millions views of his clips on YouTube and in the States? , besides of staring in RadCan’s , is apparently on his way to become our first local comedian using social Medias and more especially YouTube in order to leverage an international career. More to come since he is currently negotiating with majors such as HBO to get something big.

Mighty ducks saved by montreal’s police officer

Forget about the police and the . When , the Montreal police is always there to protect and serve!


It’s probably been too long since we have won the cup. Great memories Enjoy! ()

Malajube “Montreal -40°C”

First band ever from Montreal making it to the top of the week on YouTube’s list with their Montreal -40°C song. see also and .

From New York City to Montreal

IMHO: The way that should promote the city.

Nadia Comaneci, Montréal 1976 TEN !!!

Yes, Montreal was once host of the Olympics and Nadia Queen of the Games!

Montreal: Two Minute Tour

Still the best Tour of the city that I’ve found. Informative if you plan to visit the city.

Snowboarding in the city - Sunset Films - Montreal

Bonus: love snowboarding, didn’t think that Montreal was offering that much opportunities.

A Day In a Life

montreal subway metro

A day in a life : Jeudi 13 Mars 2008
6.08am: , essaie de pas réveiller celle qui dort à mes côtés parce que c’est sa journée de congé
6.12am: verre de jus et céréales, besoin de mon fix: lecture emails, rss reader, réseaux sociaux,…
7.09am: douche + préparation à partir, descend l’acadie puis parc, arrive au centre-ville
7.51am: cherche un endroit pour acheter des muffins, n’en trouve pas, me présente sans muffins à mon groupe d’échange Think Thank de l’AMM
8.05am: premier meeting avec , , et moi (on cherche d’autres gens pour réseauter sur le développement d’affaires en marketing)
9.51am: rencontre très agréable, doit retourner au bureau, pogné dans le traffic en arrière d’un camion de livraison arrêté et qui occupe l’unique voie dans la rue
10.15am: découvre qu’il y a une SAQ dans le même édifice que notre bureau, retour à la job
12.26am: retour de dîner, rencontre mes twitter friends: , et au coin St-Laurent et Mont-Royal
12.33: reçoit un appel d’une fille qui a le même nom que ma chatte grise, 1ere fois que ça arrive, curieux… retour à la job
2.15pm: meeting de pre-prod avec les gens de pour débuter la refonte de leur site, efficace
3.57pm: meeting over, doit faire propostion pour site , faire un suivi sur le dossier des RP de NVI, faire plusieurs suivis
5.01pm: je vois YulbizQc sur mon agenda, je crois que ça sera pour une prochaine fois,
5.26pm: me pousse du bureau, monte parc, puis l’acadie
5.51pm: back at home, prend un courte marche pour aller porter un dvd + aller chercher une bouteille de vin, souper avec Mary
8.01pm: arrive aux à Laval et me rend compte que le jeudi ça commence pas à la même heure que le mercredi, j’arrive donc à l’entracte et manque la moitié du show
8.42pm: écoute le film et me rappelle ma croisière sur la côte ouest du Mexique en novembre 2006
9.33pm: back at home, spending some quality time w/ my love
11.41pm: dodo

voilà pour les gens qui se demandent ce que je fais dans la vie, c’est une journée pas mal typique.

7 snapshots from Montreal’s blogosphere

Montreal sous la neige

Entering the world of non-business blogging

Most of the people that I know are blogging for business related reasons. In fact, it becomes obvious that blogging can be more than efficient to create a communication with your users, customers, providers, fans, employees… By giving people a quite easy way to open the discussion with your organisation, not only they will take part in the discussion but they will involve themselves (if it’s not already done) into the creation of their own personal space on the web. I spent part of yesterday going through some of these personal spaces, journals and other web logs created by Montrealers. I’d like to share what I have found with you in the following post.

Who is blogging in Montreal?

It could be anybody. I mean, seriously: it could be the , the , the or that that you`re talking once a day over the phone. What are they blogging about? I would say their life: work, happiness, failures, love, lifestyle,intensity, feelings… Let’s take a quick look a some of the most visited blogs in the city and others that I found interesting).


: Montrealers need Midnight Poutine. It’s a personal ongoing account of the city’s happenings. It’s a delicious high-fat source of rants, raves and musings. It is a blog about Montreal music, arts, film, events, people, places and other happenings.


: Un blog, un collage d’idée, de photos, de pensées & observations, un magazine, un podcast, un videocast. Your daily dose of inspiration - for late and early adopters - since 03/2002. MC describes herself as an artist interested in people, life, technology, and the creative potential of web publishing tools.

: This blog turned seven years old on December 27. Hard to categorize, the blog was nominated in 6 categories at the :best blog, , best personal blog, , , best activities bog. Still about Montreal lifestyle but coming from somebody that was born and raise in Nova Scotia.

: Steve Faguy describes himself has a twenty-something geek freelance journalist who lives in Montreal. I would say that if trad journalism has difficulties to reach a younger audience, that’s partly because of blogs like his where you can find all the news about the city plus a lot more.

: Seen on his blog, msg to his girlfriend : Comment ça va se matin? Moi, présentement, je commence à être saoul. On a eu beaucoup de plaisir ce soir/nuit/matin (il est 5h46 présentement) à boire et niaiser. Trois personnes de Lachute on décidé qu’il était plus tuff que mois sur l’alcool mais bon, as usual, il se sont poussé avant d’être humiliés… Tu sais comme s’est!

: carnets naïfs d’un homme face a la vie et au VIH. I won’t say more, please read explaining why he’s blogging.

She is a video game producer living in Montreal, talks about her life in general, running, and quite often speaks of gaming and game development to a non-gamer audience. They call her lightspeedchick… find out why on her blog.

Your blog DNA

So many blogs, so many reasons to write, to publish… As seen on , here’s my top 10 9 reasons why I blog: 1-To communicate, 2-To define myslef, 3-To learn, 4-To network, 5-To be seen, 6-To inform, 7-To sell, 8-To influence, 9-To remember. May I ask you whats are yours?


This post was mainly inspired by the feedback that I received on my blog lately, I was asked to share about or experiences working into internet marketing. Few days ago, NVI (Guillaume) had a meeting with the whole marketing management of a company offering several of the most popular brands in Canada. One of the vice-president’s questions was about understanding social media marketing (who’s reading blogs, what are they?-blogs-, who’s commenting?). These questions were justified considering that their top marketing agency that they deal with advises them the best they can but sometimes doesn’t have answers to questions such as, where should we go?, how can we reach our customers, what should avoid and why?…



Looking back at 2007 and happy New Year 2008

fireworks in montreal

Montreal social media marketing blog in 2007

I started blogging few months ago without any specific strategy to experience what blogging was all about. I began writing about events in Montreal related to the internet marketing industry: BarCamp Montreal 3, Facebook Camp, Interactive to the max, Webcom, Webcamp, Yulbiz,… but the articles that have received the most attention viewers were those with topics non-related to Montreal and focused on social media marketing (Is digital interactivity changing marketing and The rise of social media marketing). But regardless the visibility, the most valuable thing that blogging gave me is the opportunity to meet a lot of people here in Montreal (mostly bloggers).

Happy New Year 2008

I’d like to take the opportunity to wish them a wonderful year 2008 and tell them that even if I’m not commeting on their blog, I still pay attention to everything they write. So let’s start with the Yulbiz gang: , , , , , et . People that I met randomly in different activities : , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . Since I don’t have any blogroll, I’ll continue my list of Montrealers that I’m following via my feed reader (and that I’d surely like to have a quick chat with all of them in 2008): , , , , , , , , , , , .

To all of you, I wish you the best with your family, and of course your projects and business.

Special wishes and thanks to who introduced me to the internet marketing and nicely brought me on his amazing crew at NVI.

Looking forward at 2008 (things to achieve)

  1. Structure and lead our sales department
  2. Find myself a clear role into our internet marketing team
  3. Define a strategy for
  4. Make Third Tuesday Montreal a success
  5. Plan an event for SEO in Montreal (maybe related to la , don’t know yet)

…and then the snow came