If you are looking for a social media firm or a social media strategist, we are currently working with major bands in North America, so feel comfortable to reach me at ncossette @ nvisolutions . com for further details.

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  1. Conrad Buck Says:


    I follow theyour blog (which is great) and am trying to drum up some interest in the Montreal startup/webworker community to see if there is an opportunity to begin a Montreal chapter of the coworking project Work At Jelly (

    DEFINITION ——- “Jelly is casual coworking. We invite people to work from our home for the day. We provide chairs and sofas, wireless internet, and interesting people to talk to, collaborate with, and bounce ideas off of. You bring a laptop (or whatever you need to get work done) and a friendly disposition.” ———

    I work from home, squat in various office spaces rented to me for free from contacts and also frequent wifi free coffee shops. However, it would be great to see if we can start up a Montreal Jelly chapter to bring together webworkers, even once a week, at various open houses, coffee shops etc. Station C (pricey) and most wifi free cafes are on the Plateau or East making it tough for workers like me who are located on the West side, to get to each day through the traffic.

    If you think you can post something on the blog to see if there is interest it would be a great buzz for montreal webworkers.

    Best wishes

    Conrad Buck

  2. nicolask7 Says:

    @conrad: yes, I’ll post something on the topic, I’ll let you know when, in the meantime you could connect with the guys at Station C to verify if they would have some tips/ideas that could help your project working

  3. Says:

    Nous cherchons présentement un chef de développement interactif Newad. Si vous pourriez mettre notre opportunité de carrière sur votre blog, sa serait génial. Merci.

    Voici, pour votre information, si vous pensez que ça peut potentiellement intéresser certaines personnes, n’hésitez pas à transférer :

    Miguel Diaz
    Communications et marketing

    T 514.278.3222 #318 | F 514.278.8306

    4200, boul. Saint-Laurent, bureau 1440 | Montréal, QC | H2W 2R2

    Avant d’imprimer, pensez à l’environnement! | Before printing, think Green!

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