My first Yulbiz (part 1)

Here is few infos on the people that I met on my first Yulbiz meeting.

Gab aka (on SEOmoz) is doing Search Engine Optimization as a consultant. I liked that fact that he focused more on getting a conversion rather than getting a good ranking on any specific keyword. He also gave me few blogs that I wasn’t paying that much attention : by Muhammad Saleem & BY Neil Patel (I knew him by his comments from the SEOmoz blog and his DIGG expertise, but I wasn’t reading his personnal stuff).


Jonathan Stoikovitch from is launching a new software application called . It seems to me that he’s got a good idea: the product targets business with an e-commerce website and sets a way to interact with the customers in real time. << Clavardon allows visitors to chat with each other or with connected sales managers on a Website. Clavardon also provides the possibility to co-navigate (co-browse) interactively: visitors are able to control each others’ navigation.>>

Quebec Buzz

Pierre-Antoine Fradet CEO of groupe X2 is bringing the 2.0 to the francophone people. He is creating a MadeInQuebec version of the popular Digg called and is a french version of YouTube. He is also into the affiliate marketing via .

Jonathan Moquin, CEO of Globalia, is also into the web business but since his website is not running I don’t have much info on what he’s doing, (to be continued…)

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