My first Yulbiz (part 2)

Following the Yulbiz meeting, we went to the restaurent and I met with other poeple from the montreal blogging scene. In front of me was Mathieu Bélanger CEO of . I was really pleased to meet one of our direct competitor into the web design industry. He’s a young entrepreneur, smart + very passionate about his work. At my right, Kim Vallée talked to me about her blog about . Surfing her blog, I was suprised that the program puts a ‘’Kim Possible Costumes’’ ad on her page (I’d like to see the convertion rate for this placement). Anyway, Kim was there with his husband, Jerome Paradis, but I didn’t get the chance to chat with him, but I know that he is blogging on his

.Philippe Martin

Finally, I spoke with Philippe Martin, who has a ‘blog shop’ () called ‘’n’ayez pas peur’’. He is talking on the new forms of communication, editing and he is very involved with schools. Following what Philippe is doing would be a great way to keep in touch with what bloggers are doing in Montreal. Were also participing at the supper, , well-known blogger who started to YulBiz concept, Claude Malaison from and from the digital agency Provocat.

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