Top 5 reasons why I WILL go to webcamp Montreal 07

1. for the format: It is going to be an . I have to quote on this ‘’pour tous ceux qui trouvent que les conférences dans les grandes salles sont “trop conceptuelles et pas assez appliquées”.’’

2. for the discussions: . (1)Social medias: “white hat social hacking” ou “social media optimization”. (2) L’identité numérique : les standards émergents et la pratique actuelle (3) Le web Mobile : “application web” et “ergonomie + use cases” (4) du contenu : ou pourquoi nous sommes à l’ère de “l’anti-portail”.

3. for the opportunities: we did this informal and although the main objective was to educate students about the possibilities of Internet marketing, we exited the conference with a lot of people interested in our work and (few days after) another player(someone from the audience) was joining us on our marketing team. So it’s always good to exchange and network with as many as possible, we never what will happen.

4. for the learning and the knowledge: it is more about discussions and proactive debates. Chances to talk to people into the industry: often people ahead in what they are doing in comparison of people in the other room…

glamorous crowd

5. to optimize my ROI: 40$ the day, includes a lunch ;)


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