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Even if I cannot say that I am a real fan of the listing concept (all these top 10 reasons or top 20 must seen…), I found several interesting lists in the past few months - all related to internet marketing – truly helpful and I decided to post some of them here:

  1. : A great way to be introduced to SMM & SMO, gives definitions, tips, comments and more. It also includes a 5 Must Know Guide on SMM & SMO, 8 articles On How You Can Leverage SMM & SMO to Work for You and few good articles related to Digg and StumbleUpon.
  2. : This list has incredible content. You will find a detailed definition of all the general bookmarking sites as well as public bookmarking sites and non English bookmarking services.
  3. : some critical advices that you cannot afford to avoid. A short excerpt :’’Stop using keywords in you URLs. Why? Because if you don’t know how to optimize a page without slamming keywords into the URLs, you don’t know how to optimize a Web page.’’
  4. : short post but less is more ! Every traditionnal marketer should read this one. It reminds me this awesome .
  5. : You just started a new WordPress blog, now what’s next ? Even if some of the tips could be considered as obvious (create a feedburner feed for you blog), I really don’t think that most of us still don’t have install important plugins (the All in One SEO Pack, Google Sitemaps plugin, create a Robots.txt file,…) to our blog.
  6. and
  7. : It could be done by a quiz, by a interactive video, via tools,… as long as people forward it. Nice recap of all the way that viral goes.
  8. : Besides those traditionnal questions, what else should we ask a PPC guy? SEOmoz answers it.
  9. : When a famous blogger asks it audience and when the audience responds.
  10. : well, this one doesn’t entirely match with internet marketing but since I spend most of my time in sales calls, it taught me a lot.
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