How’s your internet marketing mix ?

Which advertising media buys perform strongly for your company? (select all that apply)

Datran Media, an email marketing solutions provider, . Results show that according to professional marketers, email marketing is still the strongest performing media. They interviewed marketers from 90 companies including OgilvyOne Worldwide, Avenue A/Razorfish and (for the ). I know that it is quite difficult to measure ROI of social media marketing but still…, may be next year they will include the option into the survey. In the meantime, we should find an appropriate way to measure the ROI. The next picture is taken from , it shows that there is no unique way to calculate your success.
social media marketing roi

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    A few things come to mind:
    1) I think that more companies are more familiar and are, therefore, embracing email marketing over SEM/PPC
    2) if a selection of companies all employed both SEM/PPC and email marketing, SEM/PPC would probably convert better across the board
    3) email marketing is probably most effective for final-sale-consumer-goods (FSCG) thatn for any other kinds of business, but SEM/PPC can also convert really well for FSCGs.

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    Fellow Montrealer here saying thank you for providing these statistics!

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