Mixx users please get over it !

Here’s a snapshot of the most popular stories voted on Mixx EVER. Number 1) is about google maps, number 2) about Digg, number 3) about Mixx becoming a “Refugee” camp for Digg users, number 4) still about Digg and number 5) about Mixx (in comparaison of Digg). Please mixx users move on !

How to Get Over Your First Love Digg

Largely inspired by the : , here’s some tips to move on:

  1. Cut off all communication with your ex (remove Digg from your feeds).
  2. Do not hook up with your ex (change your default homepage on your browser).
  3. Recall why you broke up ()
  4. Realize that just because this relationship is over, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never find love again.
  5. Don’t try to get through this alone ().
  6. Talk and see your friends, and family more.
  7. Be open and honest about how you are feeling.
  8. Remember there are other people that care ()
  9. Do not ask your friends if they have seen your ex.
  10. Cry. It’s okay to cry. Just let it all out.
  11. Use your breakup as an opportunity to become the person you have always wanted to be.
  12. Fill up your MP3 player with the saddest love songs you can think of.
  13. Recognize that you have the power of choice in your life.

I find it weird that most popular stories on Mixx are about Digg, it’s kinda if most popular shows on FOX were about ABC’s.

2 Responses to “Mixx users please get over it !”

  1. Says:

    funny and sounds true.

    do you think that MIXX will be more than a rebound relationship? Frankly I doubt it. the referral model is quite stable and the digital sphere is stabilizing (professionalizing).

  2. nicolask7 Says:

    i use to have great hopes for Mixx, thinking that another player could develop another audience, target a different niche, but this last post that I’ve just wrote confirms that Mixx will stay a pure Digg-like.

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