Bringing the Wisdom of Crowds to Montreal

The main speaker of last Wednesday event organized by Journée Infopresse was James Surowiecki. He is the author of a column on business and finance called . His presentation was about . FYI, I tried to find his book last Monday but I’ve quickly realized that most of the bookstores in Montreal are non-bilingual (French version supposed to come in april). Actually the lady from my neighbourhood’s bookstore told me to go downtown in order to find a spot to buy the book (since I live in the northern part of the island, I ended up without the book).

The power of collective intelligence
There are some great thoughts behind Surowiecki’s presentation but it seems that I wasn’t the only in the crowd thinking that his formula sounds a bit like what we call ‘the average’. According to me, if you are problem solving and you make sure to have a diversity of people thinking on a specific solution, it just makes sense that you will get a fair result (specially if you have people with independent background and if you are aggregating the results). Anyway, the guy is a great speaker and he’s giving a lot of examples to back his theory.

How the Wisdom of Crowds can apply to social media sites

If you are already familiar with social medias, I would strongly suggest you to take a look at what muhammad saleem describes as his journey through james surowiecki’s wisdom of crowds. For those of you less familiar with and , who wrote few very interesting posts on topics such as , , and .

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  1. Says:

    Nick, it looks like you’ve been developing this blog really quickly and effectively - good for you!

    Besides that, I have to question the wisdom of crowds. Everyone knows that when you ask a question in class, the first answer influences the others who tend to respond in the same direction afterwards. And I wrote similarly at my blog, recently (click my name to go to the post).

  2. nicolask7 Says:

    Hi Gab, I’ve read your post, you’re right about the impact of the inflcuencers. That’s one of the reason that i cannot say that the wisdom of crowds doesn’t win in social media: mainly because of Social Media Optimization

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