Any Chance that Someone Will Digg my French Content ?

I’m always happy to see companies adding social media features to their website (specifically when it’s coming from a traditional media). Recently, I’ve noticed that the online version of add some social media buttons to their articles. In fact, what’s even greater is that they also took the time to explain the purpose of these small new icons at the bottom of their news. They let us know that if we find something interesting on their site, we can now bookmark and/or submit the news in order to share the content with others.


The only thing that I really don’t understand is why they choose the Digg-submit thing? Ok, I have nothing against Digg, it’s only that I come from the only french-speaking part of North America and that the newspaper in question contains only french-written content! So besides of , I cannot see any way that someone will digg a article written in french. So what’s the point of sharing something that others won’t be able to read?

When adding some kewl new 2.0 features to your website, would you please take the time to make it appropriate to your user as well as valuable to the users of the social network that you try to join.

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    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

    Robert Michel

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    I asked myself the same question last week. I call it good will with bad knowledge.

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    I agree. You need to be relevant and not pretend being cool and hip.

  5. nicolask7 Says:

    @véro: bravo pour l’utilisation des buttons de réseaux sociaux francophones sur ton blogue ! You should contact La Presse to give them advices

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    Same thing here, I was a bit confuse about this Digg button. Let’s go cyberpresse, give some looove to Nuouz, Scoopeo, etc. :)

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    Sam’s probably got the best suggestion, imho. Besides that, if La Presse wants to grow as far as social media, they should be getting their journalists involved in French social news sites, submit [other people’s] content etc.

    And more importantly, they should take advantage of their huge pre-existing readership by teaching them about social news and media and why it’s beneficial to their readership to get involved (expertise, networking, attention etc.). That’s the express train to social media domination right there!

    Incidentally, you assume here that all Diggers are unilingual. That’s obviously not the case. True, the majority don’t speak French, but there could be a large enough minority lurking to make it worthwhile.

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    Bon, je suis en retard; je viens de découvrir ton blogue.

    Dis donc, je suis surprise que tu n’encourages pas plus les réseaux sociaux francophones! Pourquoi un contenu francophone n’aurait pas le même valeur qu’un contenu anglophone? Penses-tu que parce qu’il y a moins de demande pour un produit spécialisé que son existence est inutile, ou même qu’il est vain qu’il s’affiche à côté des produits de consommation courante?

  9. nicolask7 Says:

    le point de ce billet était justement d’encourager les médias d’ici, principalement francophone à encourager des plates-formes sociales d’ici comme Nuouz ou QuébecBuzz ou autres française, parce que je me questionne fortement sur l’utilité de soumettre du contenu francophone sur Digg, J’aime aussi l’exemple de qui est très bien positionné dans le domaine du SEO franco et qui n’utilise que des boutons de plates-formes sociales franco

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