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What is Webcamp?
Webcamp Montreal is a user generated conference about the web. The latest edition was on May 14th 2008. It was started by was scheduled the same day as in november 2007. It can easily be defined as the off-Webcom event: the schedule is flexible, the discussion is open, the content provided by participants, thers is no salespitch as conferences and you can expect a lot of different topics covered. But what I really like about this camp is the fact that it’s neither the topics covered nor the presentations done that define the camp but surely more the participants. So the best way to talk about Webcamp#01 might be to present some of the people who attend the event.

Who is Webcamp?
Here’s a partial list of the people involved in the definition of this day (some spent the whole day, others came in order to discuss a specific topic and stayed few minutes) (was also speaking at Webcom), , , , , , , , , , , , , and myself (please feel free to contribute to the list if you know people that I forgot). There is also , that way we will try to leave usefull ressources from the event.

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