A guide to hire an SEO consultant or SEO company in Montreal

Lot of people seems to struggle when it’s time to hire an SEO. In fact, since the (in comparison of others) and because the , it becomes quite difficult to know exactly where to start in the process of hiring someone responsible of search engine optimization.

Why do you need an SEO?
Based on all the SEO requests that I’m receiving (way more than you would probably imagine) , I can say that while everyone wants to be on the top results of Google, only few have a very specific goal on mind when calling for SEO services. I would say that the identification of your needs would probably be the first logical thing to identify before calling anybody. Please remember that SEO should always be seen as part of a global marketing strategy. So what are you looking for exactly: more traffic? increase online sales? lead generation? getting people subscribe to your newsletter? There are many goals that we can achieve (sometimes more than one) but we still need to know .

Do I need a consultant or a company?
What type of customer are you? Do you already have a marketing department? Who’s responsible of managing your website? Do you have a budget allowed to SEO? According to your previous answers you can select either a consultant or a company. Besides of the princing, the main differences are that a consultant will focus on SEO issues while companies will sometimes be able to provide a full range of services supporting the SEO effort.

Where do I start my selection of SEO prospects?
I would definitely start based on referrals and then go online. Few months ago I wrote a piece about Who cares about SEO Montreal, the article was an attemp to determine who was targeting that specific term on Google. A little bit later I’ve published another post on the same topic to update the exercise (in french that time). By taking a look at my results, I’ve quickly found out that the front page for SEO Montreal is still owned by the same people. Because I’ve used the 1st page of Google in the previous exercises, I’ll go with this time because I like the fact that it merges the results from Google, Yahoo and MSN Live. So here’s the top 10 as of today:

  1. Montreal SEO Company | NVI -
  2. Agence de Référencement Montréal SEO Specialist
  3. Montreal Search Engine Optimization Company
  4. SEO Search Engine Optimization Company SEO Expert
  5. Search Engine Watch Forums : profile SEO Montreal
  6. montrealseo.ca
  7. Gabriel Goldenberg - LinkedIn
  8. Search Engine Optimization Montreal
  9. SEO Internet Marketing Company in Montreal | NVI -
  10. seo montreal

Which questions to ask before hiring?
Many great posts has been made on what you should look for before hiring an internet marketing strategist. Please read and this one from Entrepreneur.com on .

SEO Vendor Considerations ()

1) Strong keyword research strategy. How will they determine KW’s you will show up for?
2) Strong copywriting and link building.
3) Optimization plan for organic pages.
4) Measure organic conversion and ROI.
5) Proven results. Ask about failure, success, and referrals.

Where to get further information concerning SEO in Montreal?
list of SEO people in Montreal: (please help me complete the list)
Adviso ()
Ressac Média ()
K3 Média ()
NVI ()
Skooiz ()
Gabriel Goldenberg ()
SEO Expert
Strategic Marketing Montreal ()
Onéroque ()
Eric Bailllargeon ()

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