How Internet Will Impact this Federal Election?

One of the best internet marketing analysis that I’ve read in 2008 is certainly the published by Avenue A | Razorfish (probably the world’s well known interactive agency). Into the 164 pages guide, the authors identify Internet’s impact on the 2008 presidential election as one of the top 10 Digital Media Issue to Watch in 2008′. Here is what it says:

The Web will be the most impactful and influential medium in the 2008 presidential race, not only for presidential hopefuls but for voter self-education and self-expression. Much like radio for Roosevelt and TV for JFK, the 2008 race for the White House will be determined by candidates’ abilities to connect with and galvanize supporters online. The Internet has changed the political environment.

How Internet will impact the upcoming canadian election?
Even if internet marketing strategies coming from Canada are way behind what is currently happening in the States, I cannot wait to see how the Web will change this current federal election. For sure I don’t expect anyone using social networking technology but I know that every candidate/party will probably consider investing time and money in order to understand how they could benefit form social media marketing.


So who will win the battle on the Web?
I know it’s too soon to tell… on one hand , on the other hand have these nice social buttons on their site (FB, Flickr, Twitter, FriendFeed, Youtube and even MySpace!). I guess it’s time to see what they’ll do with all these channels. In fact I don’t know if the worst would be if they don’t do nothing or if they’re not doing the right thing with all these opportunities. It will be interesting to keep an eye on their interactive strategy, in the meantime I’ll be waiting for a first ‘Good night Tweeple!’ from Stephen Harper.

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